What Is The Best Permanent Hair Removal System On The Market?

Laser hair removal is quickly turning out to be the most viable option for getting a smooth, hairless body. Laser offers a permanent solution to remove unwanted hair from the body, and get a smooth, fur-free future. However, it is a lengthy process, and may require six to ten sessions to get the results. The number of sessions required will depend upon the parts where hair need to be removed, thickness and density of hair etc.

Just like any other medical or cosmetic procedure, laser hair removal also certain things to be followed before you start your treatment. Follow the below mentioned laser removal tips to get the best out of it.

Research diligently:
Once you have finalized that you are going to go for laser removal of hair, find the right clinic after doing some research. Get recommendations and referrals, and if you do not have any, go for online search. Read their reviews to get a fair idea about the experience and skills of the expert. The treatment process has minor side effects, hence make sure you are under the supervision of trusted physician should a problem arise.

Stop antibiotics or cosmetic treatments:You cannot be on antibiotics before getting a laser treatment. If are on any medications, discuss with your dermatologist or laser removal expert before you start the treatment. Also, avoid undergoing any skin treatments (such as chemical peels, Botox or fillers) prior to the treatment.

No waxing or twee-zing before:
Four weeks before your first laser hair removal treatment session, you need to stop waxing or twee-zing. Avoid plucking or bleaching before hair removal by laser. You have to shave 24 hours prior to your treatment. This will ensure that the laser beam reaches the hair follicles.
Avoid tanning:It is important that you avoid fake or natural tanning process before as well as during the treatment. Prior to your laser treatment, start using sunscreen lotion whenever you are out in the sun.

Know about side effects: As great as laser removal may sound, it is also associated with mild side effects. You may experience soreness or pain in the treated areas. Some people may experience itching, swelling or redness for few days. However, Dr. Davis Nguyen advises that these effects are mild and usually go away within few days. In case if you notice any blistering or bacterial infections in the skin area, contact your dermatologist immediately.
It is important to know about the above mentioned laser hair removal tips to make an informed decision.