How Do Healthcare Recruiters Work?

A healthcare recruiter is a human resource expert who focuses on medical professionals for hospitals and organizations. These experts are tasked with recruiting professionals in the healthcare industry and source potential candidates for clinics, in-care, hospitals, and more. United Nursing International Health Care Recruiters ( is one such body tasked with recruiting these professionals. How then do healthcare recruiters work?

Types of Healthcare Recruiters

There are two types of recruiters to help you understand how these professional work;

  1. Retained Recruiters. They are exclusively hired by a client company to fill a specific job opening, usually a high-level position.
  2. Contingency recruiters, mainly hired for mid-level positions. They do not exclusively work with one client.

Healthcare Recruiters Duties and Responsibilities

To understand how executive recruiters work, you should know their duties and responsibilities in and out. These include;

  • Collaborating with the recruitment team to develop effective strategies for attracting top talent.
  • Utilizing every available resource, for instance, social media or traditional job placement sources to land candidates.
  • Screening the candidates to narrow the field for specific openings.
  • Forwarding the findings of potential recruits to the appropriate department manager.
  • Helping in the salary and benefits negotiation process.
  • Maintaining an active database and records on candidates and hires while ensuring all governmental regulations on the hiring process are followed.

How Do Healthcare Recruiters Find Candidates?

Healthcare recruiters always start their search for candidates by creating a plan. The process starts with studying the specific industry, niche, healthcare organizations located in a specific area, and their staff. In most cases, these recruiters have inside information on the employees looking for new opportunities.

They then create a list of potential candidates. Doing this can be time-consuming, especially since they have to find references, do background checks, organize interviews and face-to-face interactions.

Once this vetting process is complete, the successful candidates are presented to the client organization, and the hiring process begins. allows healthcare professionals the luxury of applying for these positions online. It makes it easier for these healthcare recruiters to work since instead of looking for potential candidates, they just need to schedule a meeting or interview with applicants.

Good healthcare recruiters have an extended network of fellow recruiters, healthcare organizations, and professionals and can easily collect information to begin the recruitment process.

Bottom Line

Healthcare recruitment is a massive industry in the United States. Lots of healthcare organizations and systems heavily rely on them to find the perfect match for job openings. A perfect example is, one of the most diverse healthcare recruiters for expert professionals.