What Would Most Likely Happen If A Person Increase The Amount Of Saturated Fat In His Or Her Diet?

Body fats are an accumulation of cholesterol in the body either as a result of inactivity or eating too much junk foods rich in calories. Getting fat frozen off through devices is a technology whereby a part of the body mostly the skin is inserted/pressed on in a machine which takes away the fat by freezing the cells to a temperature level which cannot sustain live in the fat cells. The fat deposits which are easily treated by freezing are called subcutaneous fats. These are the ones found just beneath the skin as opposed to visceral fats which are found around the body organs. They protect the body parts from harm, however, in heavy deposits they can cause serious cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

It mostly applies to lower abdomen fats. The act of killing the fat cells gives a more permanent solution as even if there is a resurgence of fats in the area it cannot be huge since there are fewer fat cells. The dead fat cells are digested by the body and provide energy while the residues are excreted. The process of losing the full amount of fats can take several months, but the effects are felt almost immediate as the process is ongoing losing more than 5% at that particular time.

The process is less painful to the body except that it can cause twitching and small bruises on the places where the machine was placed. The affected part is put under the surface of the machine which cools the body part to certain degrees until the fat cells crystallize and dies out. The sessions last for around an hour and cost an average of $800. It is not meant for massive weight loss but for spots and selected areas. For massive body weight loss, it is recommended that the person develops an exercise routine to burn out the excess fats. However even when still undergoing fat freezing it is always good to maintain some level of exercises though it is like it was developed for those who do not like exercising at all.

In conclusion, it is always good to maintain a healthy eating habit with foods rich in fibers and roughage. Develop an exercise culture to maintain the body physical fitness. Finally, it is advisable that the fat freezing exercise be done by a qualified doctor, clinical medical officer or a therapist. Also depending on the intensity of the fat deposits more than one cool sculpting session may be recommended.